About Daniel Young, RRT

Founder & Personal Trainer in Baltimore, MD

Daniel Young, RRT, is a registered respiratory therapist conducting personalized pulmonary rehabilitation and coaching through PRO Mizizi-Group, a telehealth practice based in Baltimore, Maryland. Daniel works one-on-one with every patient to support them as they reach their goals. 

Daniel attended Fire Academy in Towson, Maryland, to become an emergency medical technician in 1998. Later, he earned an associate’s degree in respiratory therapy from Baltimore City Community College in Maryland. He’s now a certified respiratory therapist in the state of Maryland. 

Throughout his career, Daniel has held a wide range of positions. After working as an EMT for years, he became a mental health associate and has since held many respiratory therapy positions. He performs detailed clinical assessments, collaborates with other specialists, and has performed challenging interventions like bronchoscopy, artificial airway maintenance, and smoking cessation programs.

At PRO Mizizi-Group, Daniel guides patients through individualized telehealth rehabilitation programs to manage their chronic lung diseases and the impact on their mental health. He specializes in personal training services, medication management, monitoring, nutrition, and other beneficial strategies.